M.I.A - Teqkilla (New Song!)


M.I.A - Teqkilla (New Song!)

M.I.A. has released another promo single to iTunes titled "Teqkilla" to promote her upcoming third studio album "Maya" which will be released worldwide on July 13. The Sri Lankan singer-rapper puts out another techno-dance pop song. Crazy one but chorus is catchy. Can't wait to hear her new LP. Althought there are some hardcore M.I.A fans that don't approve this drastic change to commercial music but I guess everyone has to evolve at some point and/or accept label's decisions. And while other artists release their album's lead singles approximately a month or more before the CD hits stores, M.I.A will be *officially* releasing "XXXO" just two days before the album comes out. Tricky one. Not sure I support this idea. For instance, the single is nowhere to be found on UK's iTunes Top 100. She needs to premiere atleast the video NOW!

By on June 29, 2010

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