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Check out this new version of Cee-Lo Green's "Fool For You" song, first included on his newest album "The Lady Killer" released in November 2010 - The original (album) cut featured Earth, Wind & Fire's Philip Bailey but this new version - which leaked online on February 4th - features R&B songstress Melanie Fiona. The new "Fool For You" mantains Cee-Lo's verse and the original jazzy/retro-soul sound, but includes new lyrics by Melanie. She KILLED it. This is 100x times better than the original. Her vocals are crazy hot, and overall Melanie makes the song more exciting. *plays on repeat*. The new version of the song has been labeled as the 'radio edit', so expect "Fool For You" as a future single. Now Cee-Lo and Melanie only need a great video to match!

Fool For You lyrics


(Cee-Lo - Verse)

What?! That real, that deep, that burning, that amazing unconditional, inseparable love
That feel like forever, that always emotional but still exceptional love
Can't nobody tell me nothing it is what it is
And any mistake you make I, I just may forgive
Right now, right now at this very moment I still love her like I loved her then
I love her in and out and up and down and 'round and 'round and over and over again
So rare they swear that you just don't exist
And It's only one person I can think of that makes me feel like this
And I'm a fool, such a fool for you!

(Melanie Fiona - Verse)

So sweet, so deep, so real, oooh we god d*mn
That's some powerful stuff
How you do it? Do do it
Keep it coming
I can't seem to get enough
What you do, what you say
Makes me want to love love you
Baby, I don't even have a choice
And if I did it still be you
Cuz you're the man among these other boys

Sweet sugar, I surrender
White flag,
Oh I won't even put up a fight
Cuz there ain't a damn, thing or wronger
About this kind of loving
Oh when, it feels so right

Gonna, write a letter tell it to my mama
Is she gon' tell the world that I love You!
Some people probably say I'm crazy
But I don't mind, being a fool a for you.

I'm a fool, I'm a fool, I'm such a fool....

Melanie Fiona

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