Luke Bryan - "That's My Kinda Night" (Official Music Video)

Luke Bryan - "That's My Kinda Night" (Official Music Video)

Luke Bryan is the old guy performing on top of a "big black jacked up truck" in the middle of an open field looking to entertain the adolescents who want to enjoy the night partying, and making out in a near lake in the music video for "That's My Kinda Night", the second single from Luke's fourth studio album "Crash My Party". Watch above!

"That's My Kinda Night" is an unexpected smash hit in America. The hate it-or-love it country-hip hop tune is slaying in radio, selling like hotcakes on iTunes, and it so far reached the #16 peak position on the Hot 100. It's dropped a few spots on the Billboard chart since reaching that peak in the recent weeks, but I feel like since there's still room for promotion, and with the official music video premiering now (thank God that 'performance video' was not the official thing), "That's My Kinda Night" will soon have again the strength to rocket to the top. Why is the country-hip hop genre being so loved nowadays, though?.

What do you think of the video?

luke bryan in thats my kinda night video
By on September 14, 2013

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