Loreen - 'Euphoria' (Music Video)

Loreen - 'Euphoria' (Music Video)

Dear Lorine Zineb Nora Talhaoui, when you said you were all exicted about filming a 'proper' music video for your European smash "Euphoria", I thought you were gonna give it a high budget, and had already thought of a super cool treatment, with mind-blowing effects, enegertic-dynamic scenes, and even an improved version of the original 'Eurovision' choreography...but watching now the video world premiere...I'm so disappointed and shocked! Why would you shoot an MV to do this?. The boring 'Euphoria' clip sees Sweden's Loreen wandering across a gloomy field, casting her 'wind' powers ala 'The Last Airbender' on the way. At some point, snowflakes fall from the sky, and Loreen is overwhelmed by them. LOL. I don't know if I feel like crying or laughing. This is an utter boring, cheap video where nothing happens! Loreen, and her record label should've kept the performance as the official video TBH. This is insulting to "Euphoria". *Rant over*. Here's hoping Loreen's debut album will be amazing! :).

What you think of the video? Was the wait worth it? xD

Loreen - 'Euphoria' (Music Video) screencap

By on July 5, 2012

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