Listen To Pink's New Song "Whatever You Want" Now: Audio

pink whatever you want

Listen To Pink's New Song "Whatever You Want" Now: Audio

Pink’s new album “Beautiful Trauma” is out only next week but today the amazingly talented singer-songwriter has wanted to give her fans one last countdown single before her full new musical set arrives in stores in 7 days. The brand new track from “Beautiful Trauma” premiered today is “Whatever You Want”. This is a mid-tempo ballad that runs just over 4 minutes long.



So “Whatever You Want” is a heartbreak song where Pink narrates how crappy she feels from having split with her boyfriend just recently but she knows eventually the storm will pass and will light come. However, she might be working on her heart getting fully healed but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a few thoughts left to send her ex. He didn’t treat her right, he was clearly the reason why they broke up because of his way of behaving, and Pink will call him out in “Whatever You Want”.

By on October 5, 2017
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