Liam Payne Fails To Meet Expectations With New Single "Bedroom Floor"

liam payne bedroom floor

Liam Payne Fails To Meet Expectations With New Single "Bedroom Floor"

Second single? For real?

Liam Payne just dropped his new single, the follow-up to his debut solo hit “Strip That Down”, entitled “Bedroom Floor”, written by Charlie Puth, and we’ve been disappointed by it after the first listen. We expected a lot, we were served so little. Our anticipation was big from all the big talking about “Bedroom Floor” Liam did in interviews, but the final product leaves a lot to be desired. How to best describe it? Dated? Messy? Annoying? We can’t find a single proper adjective. There are many we could use.

Baby, heard you’ve been talking about me lately / Telling all your friends how much you hate me / But who you calling up when you get lonely?”, sings Liam Payne in the slightly sexist opening verse of his new single “Bedroom Floor”. The song is filled with a lot of falsetto, some embarrassing lyrics (he says “iPhone” for crying out loud), and some annoying rhymes. We were not hooked by this song on the first listen, and we doubt we will give it a second chance. We’ll just wait for the music video. That could change our minds a little bit, who knows.

A valid solution? If some DJ produced a cool fist-pumping clubby beat and included only the chorus and put it on loop and release that track. That “remix” would be kind of ok. We could see ourselves losing a bit in the club to the “But your clothes say different on my bedroom floor” line - should the song be reworked a lot, even the vocals, and a cool EDM were added. Because “Bedroom Floor”, the original, doesn’t do it for us.

Liam fans kind of agree with us:


By on October 20, 2017

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