Leona Lewis - "Fire (Under My Feet)" (Single Review + Music Video)

leona lewis fire video
leona lewis fire under my feet

Leona Lewis - "Fire (Under My Feet)" (Single Review + Music Video)

Leona Lewis’ “21” era has started?

The British songbird finally premiered “Fire (Under My Feet)” today after a long period of waiting. The Adele-esque song is the lead single from LeLew’s forthcoming fifth album “I Am” which will be released in stores this summer.

The radio premiere of “Fire (Under My Feet)” came first on Monday (May 11) at 11am sharp (UK time) via BBC Radio with the music video being released on YouTube only an hour later.

Although the song is officially out on radio, as ‘tradition’ commands in the UK, Leona’s “Fire” won’t be available for purchase on iTunes for another month – to be precise, the anthemic R&B/soul track will be up for grabs starting June 6. Bummed? Well, this only applies for the UK. LeLew’s label might be releasing “Fire” on your local iTunes sooner so be alert! (Read more info on the song here)

An epic song, an okay video

I’ve been so excited to hear “Fire (Under My Feet)” in full ever since that tiny teaser released many months ago on Leona’s Facebook that I can’t believe today is finally the day. It honestly feels surreal.

The song is so good, it hears Leona back at doing great music, connecting with her music, being honest to her artistry, and just showing the world she’s still got it and that she won’t renounce to her title of global star just yet. “Fire (Under My Feet)” is all about the soul, the vocals and the Adele-esque production – very “Rolling in the Deep”. Leona’s “21” era is coming and she shouldn’t be bothered at all that we’re calling this her “Adele” or “21” era because it’s in all truth a compliment.

As for the music video, it’s cute and simple, but I was honestly expecting more. I don’t mind a simplistic theme as long as it’s well-executed and it’s well-thought but I just don’t think Leona nor director Declan Whitebloom really nailed this. She may look pretty in her scenes, but the video really is lacking a ‘soul’ which thank God the song has in abundance and is able to prevent a complete disaster situation.

What do you think of the song and video?

By on May 11, 2015

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