Leona Lewis - A Thousand Lights lyrics

Check out this new unreleased track from British pop diva Leona Lewis - The stunning ballad "A Thousand Lights" first leaked in snippet form in mid-2010, but has now become available in its full untagged version - The song is a leftover from the 'Echo' era and it is ironically one of the recordings all Leona stans have been impatiently waiting to hear! Well, the wait is over! If you were blown away by just the snippet, be prepared for what's to come! "A Thousand Lights" is amazing! I love how it builds up and of course Ms Lewis' angelical vocals!

A Thousand Lights lyrics

[Leona Lewis - Verse 1]

There’s a line, there’s a road that we’re walking
Different path to the point where they’re crossing
But each step is one step closer to you (oh)
As the sun says goodnight in the distance
A thousand lights fill the sky like they missed us
But each one is lighting my way to you (yeah)


But this time, it’s taking me over
It’s making me feel something that I don’t understand but
This heart it couldn’t beat faster, tonight a thousand lights
They shine, shine for us

[Leona Lewis - Verse 2]

Maybe fate is a reason it finds us
But maybe fate is a story behind us
All I know is I’ll go wherever it takes me
But every turn every time that I just might break
When I’m walking the line it makes me love and hate
I can promise you that I’ll choose love, ‘cause


They shine, they shine, shine for us
They shine, they shine, shine for us
They shine, they shine, shine for us
Oh lighting my way
To where you are
All that I’ve done to get this far
The love that I see just falls apart
But I know what we are


Leona Lewis

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