Leona Lewis - Collide (Music Video!)

Leona Lewis - Collide (Music Video!)

Leona Lewis belts out her new single "Collide" with her soaring diva vocals from the sandy shore of a Malibu beach, moves along the 'dance' uplifting beat sitted on a convertible car, and enjoys a pyrotechnics beach night in the Ethan Lader-directed video for the Avicii collaboration and lead single from Leona's upcoming third album entitled "Glass Heart" (November 2011). First, I gotta be honest and say "Collide" has grown A LOT on me. Especially thanks to the hot Afrojack remix. I now think Leona might get a #1 hit in the UK if she promotes the single correctly. However, I'm not that crazy about the music video. Leona looks GORGEOUS, yes, she's almost flawless. The camera loves her. But, having watched the 3:58 minutes the "Collide" video lasts, I have to say it's a tad boring. Sorry Le-Lew. It's not your fault though.

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By on August 26, 2011

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