Lady Gaga Unveils 'Born This Way Ball' Stage + Announces Own Social Network!

Lady Gaga Unveils 'Born This Way Ball' Stage

Lady Gaga Unveils 'Born This Way Ball' Stage + Announces Own Social Network!

With no more singles coming out the 'Born This Way' album, as an Interscope exec confirmed to Billboard last month, pop star Lady GaGa can now focus on what's really gonna bring the 'cash' this era; touring! The 'Born This Way Ball' tour will kick-off later in 2012, and will extend into 2013. I recall Gaga saying she wanted to visit more cities, and countries with the next tour, so I'm guessing she'll try to beat her '201 concerts' record from 'The Monster Ball'. Obviously, South America will be her priority.

Anyway, although there is no tour dates announced yet, Gaga decided to tease fans with a lil' something this week. She tweeted; "45 minutes until I show you the stage! I'm so excited. The Haus has been working so hard, we can't wait for you to see it!!", before unveiling to the world a picture of the MASSIVE and EPIC stage design for the 'Born This Way Ball'. Crazy, huh? Is she gonna do stadiums? Because I don't see such a gigantic structure (loving the castle design) fitting in like the Staples Center, or similar size venues. But we'll see, surely this is just a prototype. Can't wait!!!

Lady Gaga to launch own social network!

Announces Own Social Network!

No doubt there'll be a great number of Lady Gaga stans who will be deleting their Facebook, Google +, and Twitter accounts after this project goes live. It's been recently announced Lady Gaga will be launching her OWN social network especially design for her devotees. The site, called, isn't operational yet, but fans can already request an invite by submitting their names and e-mails. The website has been set up with the help of social media start-up company 'Backplane', in which Gaga is an investor.


By on February 7, 2012

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