Keyshia Cole Performs On 'Conan'

Keyshia Cole Performs On 'Conan'

Platinum-selling artist Keyshia Cole performed her new single "Take Me Away" on TBS's "Conan O'Brien Live" last night - The R&B songstress has selected the Chink Santana-produced song as the third official cut to be lifted from her latest LP "Calling All Hearts" - which is about to cross the 200k units sold mark in the US. Decent numbers given the current situation of the industry but away from Keyshia's normal sales.

Keyshia looked all cute in that pink dress on yesterday's performance and she sounded good (loved the "how y'all doing tonight? Alright..." moment!), but that pseudo-choreography Keyshia tried to do was...well, not good. It looked too forced on her, didn't it?. I say let the dancers do the dancing, and you focus on the vocal performance. BTW, although I'm a fan of "Take Me Away", big bummer for "I Ain't Thru" and "Long Way To Go". Two singles the audience has given the back to in just moment. Keyshia better be praying "Take Me Away" does 'something' on the Hot 100 or this is it for her new era.

By on January 20, 2011

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