Kelly Rowland - 'Summer Dreaming' (Video)

Kelly Rowland - 'Summer Dreaming' (Video)

R&B/Dance superstar Kelly Rowland has teamed up with Project B to record a remix of the Kate Yanai 1991 hit "Summer Dreaming" to be used on the new Bacardi commercials in Europe this summer! Besides giving the song a modern twist with fresh nu' dance beats, "Summer Dreaming" wins so much with the hot vocals only the 'When Love Takes Over' songstress could offer.

Kelly recently visit sunny Barcelona in Spain to film a music video for the song, and the final result can be watched above. The theme is 'all about celebration'. There are your typical running through the beach scenes, Kelly wearing a splendiferous colorful summery long dress looking into the Barcelona breath-taking views, and others of a private party where Kelly is the DJ and everybody is getting tipsy with a few Bacardi mojitos. Although the song is not 'that' exciting, it's summer and it fits the mood!

What do you think of the song and video?

Kelly Rowland - 'Summer Dreaming' (Video) screencap

By on June 17, 2012

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