Kehlani Releases Beautiful New Song “Again”: Must-Listen

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Kehlani Releases Beautiful New Song “Again”: Must-Listen

I just love these new songs Kehlani is dropping for us from to time in the last months. The latest one? A song called “Again” that Kehlani released via SoundCloud over the weekend.

Again” is a sweet, guitar-based acoustic track where Kehlani sings about the struggle of still having feelings for a lover, even after breaking up. “Something 'bout our exchange / It's a fight to act like you weren't in mind, or mine / Never want to complain, love you with your wings babe / These are your skies”, sings Kehlani in the moving pre-chorus. I was literally already crying with the pre-chorus, and then when the chorus came, my death was real. What a beautiful little song, and what a voice does Kehlani have! She opens her mouth in a ballad, and then the sobbing is imminent. This is a warning!


Again” is the follow-up song to “Honey”, another amazing acoustic song that you must check out if you haven’t yet!

By on February 5, 2018

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