Kehlani Kisses Girlfriend In Beautiful "Honey" Music Video: Must-Watch

kehlani honey video
kehlani honey music video

Kehlani Kisses Girlfriend In Beautiful "Honey" Music Video: Must-Watch

This would have been such an amazing release for Valentine’s Day, but it’s okay, Valentine’s Day will be celebrated from now on in December thanks to Kehlani. The 22-year-old Californian singer premiered last night the music video for her brand new song “Honey” on YouTube and the video is most adorable thing ever. It’s also a strong reminder for all close-minded people out there that gay is okay. How can something so beautiful, like the love between two people, be bad, right?

Kehlani’s music video for “Honey”, which we all already know it’s an ode to another girl, sees the rising music star going for a day of relaxation with her girlfriend, a beautiful black girl, to nature. The couple will romantically dance on a harvested field, kiss under sunrays or cuddle by the river. One of the scenes of the music video will include too Kehlani putting actual honey on her lover’s lips when go to an apiary.

Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful. I truly pray “Honey” gets recognition and becomes the hit it deserves to be on the chart soon.

By on December 5, 2017

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