Karmin - 'I Told You So' (Music Video)

Karmin - 'I Told You So' (Music Video)

Engaged pop duo Karmin (made of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan) have recently premiered the music video for "I Told You So", the latest single taken from their debut album "Hello", released in stores today, May 8th, via Epic Records...Go get it! Produced by Jon Jon Traxx, the futuristic-sounding urban cut "I Told You So" becomes the follow-up to Karmin's recent Top 40 hit "Brokenhearted", a song which BTW I think hasn't shown its full potential yet...hence Karmin should keep promoting it, cuz that song can be a Top 10 hit in the US I'm so sure. It's just too catchy and good! Anyhow...back to "I Told You So", I'm really suprised Epic Records picked it as the new single, when clearly it's the Stargate-produced album title track "Hello" the song destined to make Karmin a renowned act across the entire world. "Hello" is EPIC, and will top charts. "I Told You So" will only work well in the US. This song has a great beat, an infectious hook, and off-the-chain rapid rap verses by Ms Amy Heidemann. I swear to God she's like the white and female version of Busta Rhymes. She does Busta's tongue-twisters with an almost terrifying level of perfection.

Commenting on the Brian DeCubellis-directed "I Told You So" clip, I hope Karmin come out and explain it to us. The video plot revolves a round a mental hospital and a crazed female patient played by Amy. Nick plays the doctor who treats Amy and makes her go through a Rorschach test. From there, everything gets confusing...Amy begins to have flashbacks regarding certain murders, and it's in the end we find out it was Dr. Nick the person behind those. A tad confusing but pretty cool video all in all. Enjoy!

What do YOU think of the music video/song?

Karmin - 'I Told You So' (Music Video) scrrencap
By on May 8, 2012

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