Justin Timberlake Premieres New Single "Filthy" And It's Getting Mixed Reviews!

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Justin Timberlake Premieres New Single "Filthy" And It's Getting Mixed Reviews!

The new Justin Timberlake single “Filthy” has arrived and it’s being received with mixed reviews (just see Twitter and forums). Produced by Timbaland and Danja, “Filthy”, first single from the upcoming album “Man of the Woods” (February 2), is a groovy retro track with a heavy Prince influence. The single was released this morning on digital platforms and its music video premiered today too on YouTube/VEVO. The futuristic music video sees Justin Timberlake sees serving Steve Jobs realness in a keynote to present a super high-tech robot that will resemble the movements of a human being (JT is the one controlling it) (and even the sex-related ones) with much veracity.

I kind of dig the song, I like the Prince vibe, but this won’t be a hit. The production is at times too noisy, and the some of the adlibs were a big “no-no”. Overall the track leaves much to be desired but it could be a grower – but definitely not a hit for Justin. Who here bets for a “we’re going make this buzz single if we see it flops” strategy? (lol). For real, this is not the comeback we were hoping for Justin. Are you really going to perform this at the Super Bowl? It better be the performance of your life! And even if he delivers a cool performance, I still don’t think “Filthy” will be the smash hit Justin and his label were hoping for and should have been given it is a Justin Timberlake first single.

By on January 5, 2018

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