Jessie J Visits 'The Jonathan Ross Show'

Jessie J Visits 'The Jonathan Ross Show'

Pop star Jessie J continues the promotion of her newest single "Domino", the Dr Luke-produced catchy tune which has in the last weeks surge in sales, and is currently crawling its way up worldwide charts, most notably on the iTunes Top 10s of the US, and UK. Jessie J performed "Domino" everywhere on TV when the track was still difficult to hear on radio, and I clearly remember that her X Factor US performance (Nov. 2011) didn't help much sales-wise, but surprisingly a couple months later "Domino" is now a huge hit.

So, it's good to see Jessie J back on promotion mode. The Essex girl performed the song on Saturday (February 4th) on ITV 1's 'The Jonathan Ross Show' in the UK, and she nailed it! Looking casual in a ripped t-shit, jean shorts, and boots ensemble, Jessie J mesmerized everyone with the energy, and good-vibe oozing from "Domino", and of course her killer vocals! Wow at the last notes! Watch Jessie's interview with Jonathan Ross below too. She talks her foot injury, her music, studying at the same school with Adele, among other things. Btw, fingers crossed she heads back to America now to back "Domino" up there too. I know she can make the song at least a Billboard Top 5 hit!

What do YOU think of Jessie's performance + interview?

By on February 5, 2012

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