Jessie J Made People Cry With Her "Purple Rain" Cover In China!

jessie j purple rain china
jessie j purple rain china performance

Jessie J Made People Cry With Her "Purple Rain" Cover In China!

Jessie J keeps doing her amazing thing in China. Last night she performed a cover of Prince’s legendary song “Purple Rain” on Episode 6 of “Singer”, one of the most popular TV shows in China, a singing competition in this case, that’s watched by over 100 million people each weekend.

For this emotional “Purple Rain” performance Jessie J strapped herself in a purple velvet piece and sang the hell out of the Prince song with those flawless vocals she has in her. Her performance was so moving I totally identified myself with this guy in the crowd below:

jessie j makes people cry

And what a cool and surprising finale Jessie J had in store for us for the last seconds of her “Purple Rain” rendition. She wrapped up the performance singing the final lyrics in Chinese, and I guess with a very good pronunciation because the crowd kept cheering and cheering so loudly.

By on February 17, 2018

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