Jessie J - 'LaserLight' (Music Video!)

Jessie J - 'LaserLight' (Music Video!)

Check out the music video Jessie J's latest single "LaserLight"! The David Guetta-produced, and 'Titanitum'-inspired much track is included on the deluxe edition of the British singer's debut album "Who You Are" - The song may be 'generic' for DJ Guetta's catalogue of songs, but for Jessie J, it is exploring a new 'genre'. She first got a taste of the 'dance beats' when she helped Guetta in a song for his 'Nothing but the Beat' album ('Repeat' was the track), so he had to return the favor by producing this new mellow/yet dance tune for Jessie J. "LaserLight" is already a Top 40 hit in Australia and New Zealand where it was released earlier in 2012, but now gearing up for the big UK release - set for May 14th - the Guetta-produced "LaserLight" is getting a music video. Click 'play' above to watch!

Can someone explain the storyline to me? I just see Jessie J arriving to some place with stall seats (a cinema, a theater?), getting her make-up on getting ready for something, Jessie J belting out the "LaserLight" lyrics in a room filled with 'laser lights', and random scenes of a huge rave party. OK...

What do YOU think of the music video/song?

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By on April 9, 2012

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