Jennifer Lopez - Papi (Music Video!)

Jennifer Lopez - Papi (Music Video!)

So disappointed with this music support for the single is still there though! As promised Jennifer Lopez appeared on today's episode of "Good Morning America" (September 16th) to world premiere the music video for her new single, the RedOne-produced "Papi". J.Lo didn't attend the show in person, but a video of her was displayed at one of the jumbotrons at NYC's Times Square, from where the ABC morning show was was being broadcasted live. Jenny introduced the clip, and what was my suprise? Well, deep inside I kinda knew this was going to occur...that the official music video for "Papi" is INDEED the Fiat 500 commercial + the extra footage shot in downtown Los Angeles a few weeks ago.

I just don't approve this. "Papi" is such a killer tune with a sassy attitude, and a Latin-flavoured rhythm, and this Paul Hunter-directed effort simply does not reflect everything I was hoping the actual clip was gonna be. The concept itself is funny, but it doesn't even go along with the lyrics xD. This is a mess! Sorry J.LO...I'm still hoping "Papi" becomes your new "On The Floor", if not just use your last card, the Lady Gaga-penned "Invading My Mind". *sigh* And I expected so much from the hot breakdown in the "I'm Into You" video...

*UPDATE* Full video now added! The VEVO premiere is here!

By on September 16, 2011

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