Jason Derulo - 'Talk Dirty' (Music Video)

Jason Derulo - 'Talk Dirty' (Music Video)

Watch girls shake their bom boms to the infectious trumpets of Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty" in the official music video for the 2 Chainz-assisted song. "Talk Dirty" is the second single from the Miami-born singer's upcoming third studio album "Tattoos", due in stores next September 24th via Warner Bros. Music. "Talk Dirty" is an exclusive single for the UK, and other certain Eurepean countries, such as The Netherlands. The United States will most likely be getting a different song as second single.

The Collin Tilley-directed clip for "Talk Dirty" sees Derulo and crew performing choreographies to the Middle Eastern-flavoured beat against colorful backdrops, as well as smokin' hot exotic girls twerking, or doing sensual moves to entice the camera.

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bendy girl and jason derulo in talk dirty music video
By on August 6, 2013

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