James Arthur Premieres "Naked" Music Video And It's Not Our Cup Of Tea: Watch

james arthur naked video
james arthur naked video premiere

James Arthur Premieres "Naked" Music Video And It's Not Our Cup Of Tea: Watch

You know we love this song, we are big fans of James Arthur’s super voice, but this music video… this music video is a mess. It’s so bizarre (the nicest adjective we could find). James premiered the official video for his new single “Naked” today on his VEVO channel and after giving it a complete first watch, we were terribly disappointed. It’s so bad. It makes no sense with the lyrics of the song, at least not how we imagined the song, the concept is stupid, and you could tell James Arthur wasn’t having it at the set. He looked uncomfortable with the “acting” he had to do. We wouldn’t be surprised if he thought “what the f*ck am I shooting?” at the set. The music video is about James Arthur and his “The James Arthur Show” where he will interview a female guest but things will get ugly suddenly when the guest starts getting upset and to yell. James will storm off from the TV studio as he will get too uneasy, but just in a matter of magical seconds he will come back and get hot and heavy with the girl, almost kissing her. The crew at the studio and viewers at home will jump up and down reacting to the turn of events in joy. The end. LOL. We just can’t. What did we just watch? So terrible. Can James’ label just have him shoot a “performance” music video next time? A performance music video would have been great for “Naked”... and for any future James Arthur music video just as a heads up!. James clearly doesn’t flow naturally with acting stuff. Just have him perform and we will love!

By on December 1, 2017

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