James Arthur Is Ready For A Breakup In "Naked": Single Premiere

james arthur naked

James Arthur Is Ready For A Breakup In "Naked": Single Premiere

This is too glorious. This is the kind of magic that happens when you combine James Arthur’s voice with Max Martin’s producing skills. You get “Naked”. This song is James’ lead single from his forthcoming yet-untitled third studio album, which will be released in the coming months. “Naked”, produced by the legendary Max Martin, was released today (Nov. 24) on digital platforms, and guys, THIS SONG IS HUGE. H-U-G-E. Australian, European, and U.S charts ain’t ready for James’ impending slayage.

“Naked” is a mid-tempo pop ballad where James sings about the woman he’s dating not being 100% into the relationship, or straight up playing with him, and how that affects him psychologically. James is sad to see how he’s giving his everything and she’s giving him nothing back. He’s done. Breakup is around the corner. “Hey, get out / I've got nothing left to give / And you give me nothing now / Read, my mouth / If you ever want me back / Then your walls need breaking down”, sings Mr. Arthur in the second verse of “Naked”, where he’s already transitioned from sad to pissed.

We have this on repeat! James Arthur and Max Martin have created a HUGE HIT! Just wait for it.


By on November 24, 2017
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