Is Shawn Mendes Tricking Us With This “Mercy” “Acoustic” VEVO Video?

shawn mendes mercy acoustic video
shawn mendes mercy acoustic video premiere

Is Shawn Mendes Tricking Us With This “Mercy” “Acoustic” VEVO Video?

I know "Mercy" is currently being a stupendous hit for Shawn Mendes and that he's doing everything in his power to keep promoting the single, but honestly, where is the point in this brand new "acoustic music video" the Canadian heartthrob premiered today on VEVO? WHERE!?

Like, "Mercy" is already "acoustic" if you take the drums away so I'm really confused at Shawn's attempt to "surprise" by releasing an "acoustic" version, and on top of it giving it a "music video" on VEVO with such big hype on social media.

The "acoustic video" you can see below finds Mr. Mendes "performing" "Mercy" in acoustic mode at some empty Madison Square Garden in New York City. Evidently, Shawn didn't actually perform the song live at the venue at that precise moment. He simply lip-synced along the already in-studio recorded "acoustic" version while some director shot the video (and NO, this is not the version he performed at MSG this fall. THIS was it. So what is he truly going to release this Friday?)

Wouldn't have been more honest to his fans for Shawn to have actually shot a true LIVE "Mercy" acoustic video in that place?

If I had been him, I would have gotten rid of the piano, which we already hear in the original version, and had given this "acoustic" mix a pure guitar feel or something.

I'm very confused at this Shawn attempt to "sell" something that it isn't.

*Still think this guy is extremely talented. It's just that I don't think this "acoustic" endeavour had a logic.

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By on December 21, 2016

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