Interview with Jamie Lynn Spears: On 'The Journey' EP, Writing Over 100 Songs & Dream Duet!

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Interview with Jamie Lynn Spears: On 'The Journey' EP, Writing Over 100 Songs & Dream Duet!

We caught up with up-and-coming country singer Jamie Lynn Spears (yes, Britney’s sister) last April to chat about her then thought-to-be-one-off-single ‘How Could I Want More’ and her solo career launch. Little did we know a studio project would come so fast! Jamie did tell us back then something was being 'perfected', but we just thought she was referencing an album that would come out very, very late this year. So imagine our jaw-dropping shock when Jamie Lynn announced only two weeks ago that this very month (May 2014) she would be dropping her first EP. 'The Journey’ hits iTunes on May 27th! And yeah, she's doing it independently.

‘The Journey’ may consist of five songs - five country gems - but there was one we particularly wanted to discuss with Jamie Lynn when we caught up with her AGAIN earlier this week. The song is ‘Shotgun Wedding’ and Jamie recounts in the lyrics the moment she found out she was pregnant! And it was a gas station's bathroom!

During our new interview with lovely Jamie Lynn, we also spoke about the recording process of 'The Journey', the song on the EP she feels fans are loving the most, what her dream country duet would be, and we also obviously inquired her on when is that full-length album coming! DO NO MISS this new interview with JLS!


1. You surprised fans when you announced only two weeks ago that you would drop your 'The Journey' EP this month (May 27th). What does this release mean to you?

It means so many different things! I have been working on this for many years now, so it's exciting to finally release it! It's so personal, and I hope people feel like they are getting to know me just by listening to it! More then anything though - it's for my fans. They have been so supportive and so patient! They deserve this, too!

2. We’re curious. You have had these five EP songs recorded for a long time. Why not releasing the EP before? Was there a particular reason?

I think it was really important for me to take the time to figure out who I am as an artist, and you have to be patient with that. Also, I wanted to make sure the first songs I released would be ones that really show where I am on my journey at this point in my life.

3. What song, besides the lead single ‘How Could I Want More’, do you enjoy the most performing live and why? Or, if you can’t choose one, what is the song you see your fans reacting to the most?

I love all my songs for different reasons! It's been surprising finding which songs fans relate to the most at my live shows! "Big Bad World,” in particular, has been one that everyone really loves, which surprised me!

4. You recount finding out about your pregnancy in a gas-station bathroom in ‘Shotgun Wedding’. What kind of emotions were you going through at that moment when you found out? Was it easy to share this story in a song?

I didn't quite comprehend what I was feeling at the moment! I’d say I was in shock. It was very scary to share such a personal experience, but a very freeing one - just being able to tell my story, and not hold anythIng back!

5. Corey Crowder is the executive producer of ‘The Journey' EP. How did you meet Corey, and why did you think he was the right person to produce your new songs?

I worked with a few different people throughout the years, and they were all great. For me though, it was just something that clicked with Corey. He understood me and my story- most importantly, the music I wanted to create! After we started to work together, I finally heard what I had been hearing in my head all this time! He truly knows how to translate an artist’s vision to reality!

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6. You have worked with an amazing group of songwriters on ‘The Journey’ including; Liz Rose, Chris Tompkins, Tyler Hayes, Rivers Rutherford and Lisa Carver. Tell us a bit about your work with them, and the writing process of the five songs on the EP.

When I first came to Nashville, I started doing co-writes almost everyday and it was so scary for me! At the same time it was incredible getting to work with these amazing writers. They were so encouraging, and helped give me the confidence to tell my story! I learned so much from my co-writers, and wouldn't be where I am without them!

7. You’re revealing only five songs on the EP. But tell us, how many new songs have you actually recorded thus far? And, why did you feel these particular five were “the ones" to feature on the EP?

I have written almost 100 over the past few years! There’s no telling exactly how many I’ve recorded or demo-ed! But these five songs are the most relevant to where I am right now in my journey in this thing we call life!

8. Is a full-length debut album a near-future project?

Of course! But right now, I just felt it was time to get some material out there!

9. Talking collaborations for a moment. You have a duet with your sister Britney ('Chillin' With You'), which we loved! But if you could record a collaboration with any country singer, who would it be, why, and what do you think the song will be about and sound like?

That's a hard one because there are so many great artists out there! I really love Holly Williams - I think her music is great. For any song, the sound and song’s subject would all depend on the collaboration and writing process! But I think two women in country music collaborating and supporting each other would be great!

10. You did a great job as Social Media Correspondent for the 2014 ACM Awards! What was your favorite experience while you were in Las Vegas?

Just being apart of the whole event was amazing to me! I was there as a fan as well, because I love and respect so many of the artists that were there! Lee Brice sang me "Happy Birthday,” and that was a pretty amazing moment!

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