INTERVIEW! Serena Ryder Talks New Single “Got Your Number”, New Album “Utopia” & Canadian Singers Cracking America: Exclusive

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INTERVIEW! Serena Ryder Talks New Single “Got Your Number”, New Album “Utopia” & Canadian Singers Cracking America: Exclusive

With her first major label studio album she obtained a gold certification, with the second one she repeated the gold feat, and with the most recent one, her third major label album, that she released in 2012, she scored a platinum certification, so I think it’s pretty safe to say that Toronto-born Serena Ryder will smash sales-wise with her upcoming new album titled “Utopia” that will arrive in stores later this year.

Although Canada’s very own Serena Ryder has had a long career, it wasn’t until her last album “Harmony” (2012) that she become popular in the US - where she’s backed by Atlantic Records. It was with that album that she released her biggest hit to date, “Stompa”, which spent several weeks at #1 on the Triple A chart on US radio.

Now in 2016, Serena is pulling a magnificent comeback, and she dropped only last month a new single, “Got Your Number” - which will appear on “Utopia” and whose music video you’ll be able to watch below. "Got Your Number” is an upbeat soulful-rock track, very reminiscing to Adele’s “Rumor Has It”, which Serena is hoping people take it as a self-empowering anthem. I certainly couldn’t stop stomping my feet and snapping my fingers while listening to this song and surely you won’t be able either. “Got Your Number” has so much potential to be a hit!

Direct Lyrics had the opportunity to exclusively interview Serena Ryder recently and we asked her all about her new single and upcoming album "Utopia", her songwriting process, her music being featured on several TV series and commercials or her thoughts on other Canadians making it big in America.

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1. Hi Serena! Where are you answering this Q&A from and how’s your day been like so far?

I'm answering these questions from an airplane en route to some shows in Canada! My day has been awesome so far.

2. You have a fantastic new single out! It’s called “Got Your Number”. For those few who have yet to check it out, how would YOU describe the sound and story of your new single?

I wrote this track on the drum kit so it's a beat-driven dance track. It's totally organic and has a New Orleans-style essence. It's a song about taking back your own personal power and realizing that YOU are all you need! As soon as you realize that, everything else just falls into place - your family life, your friends, your kids, parents, etc. It's a track meant for everyone. Everyone can relate to a good dance song, I think!

3. You premiered last month a supporting music video for “Got Your Number” on YouTube. We loved it! Did you come up with the treatment yourself? And, any fun anecdotes you recall from the shooting you want to share?

Thank you! Director Justin Broadbent wrote the treatment and did an amazing job! He totally got the essence of the song and made a rad video .

The shoot was amazingly smooth and fun. The entire crew was awesome and so were the extras. I had an awesome surprise moment during the shoot when one of my friends from high school was an extra and I didn't know until she was literally in front of me while we were filming! It was so cool.

4. “Got Your Number” is an official single from an upcoming new studio album you will be releasing later in 2016. What can fans expect from it? (It has been four long years since “Harmony”. Fans can't wait!).

They can expect as much or as little as they want from my new record Utopia. I'm over the moon excited because I've spent the last 3 years compiling the songs into the most beautiful array of music I could possibly muster! There is such an vast combination of songs that I believe there is something for everyone on Utopia .

5. What’s your songwriting process like? And, what inspires you?

It's pretty similar to a pre-school kid's process. I liken it to sitting down with a blank canvas and picking my favourite colors to paint. Then I start by putting my fingers in the paint and making a mess. I then go over it with some sharp pencil crayons and some black ink.

serena ryder got your number

6. Talking “Harmony” for a minute. Your single ”Stompa” from that album was a massive success for you. It spent 8 weeks at No. 1 on the Triple A radio chart. What was your reaction to such a feat?

I was super honored to be on the charts that long!

It's still one of my favorite songs to play!

7. Your music has been used a lot on TV shows/commercials. What’s one feature you were particular excited about and why?

I was particularly excited to be in the trailer for The Fault in our Stars. I loved that book so much and it was an honor to be a part of the movie that really speaks to people who are going through a lot in their lives. A lot that not very many other people can totally relate to.

8. What are 5 songs that you find yourself playing a lot these days on your phone?

"Thinking' 'Bout You" - Frank Ocean

"Elastic Heart" - Sia

"One Dance" - Drake

"Teardrop" - Massive Attack

"Le vent nous portera" - Noir Desir

9. There are several Canadian acts making it big in the US right now. Do you feel proud? Any favorites?

Totally proud!

Alessia Cara is KILLING IT!

Drake...of course.

Justin Bieber - I’m LOVING his latest record!

Tegan and Sara - I’m such a big fan!

July Talk….seriously go see them live. They are life-alteringly amazing!

10. Thank you for your time, Serena! Any last thing you’d like to tell our readers?

Yes! Check out my socials and write me a note! Would love to hear from you!

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