Giveaway: Win Handwritten & Signed Lyrics of Alyson Stoner’s New Single “Woman” (Enter Now!)

alyson stoner woman

Giveaway: Win Handwritten & Signed Lyrics of Alyson Stoner’s New Single “Woman” (Enter Now!)

Hello, Alyson Stoner!

She was the little girl who slayed us with her dance moves in Missy Elliott’s legendary music videos for “Work It” and “Gossip Folk” in the early 2000s, and the actress who stole our hearts with her role of Caitlyn (Demi Lovato’s friend) in Disney’s “Camp Rock” movies. Well, that was then, and we are now in 2016. Alyson Stoner is now 22 years old, and one fierce lady.

So what’s new with her? Now that you ask, the Ohio-born triple-threat star released a brand new single today (February 19th). In these past few years, Alyson Stoner has remained linked to the music business, releasing singles here and there (and making a lot of new fans in the way), AND, as it clearly had to be, she couldn’t leave her fans orphaned of new music this new year. That’s why she’s released this new track - one that she's been working on to perfect for quite some time.

Alyson Stoner’s new single is titled “WOMAN”. It's an energetic song, infused with some Latin vibes I dare to say, and whose theme is all about female empowerment - with Alyson raising her voice to fight for sex equality. has teamed up with Alyson to offer her amazing fans the opportunity to win a unique prize. We have for one of you a beautiful sheet containing the HANDWRITTEN AND SIGNED LYRICS of Alyson’s new single “Woman” (!!!). And, so you know this is the real deal, we have proof Alyson was the one who wrote and put her beautiful signature on this sheet. See below!

Get Alyson Stoner’s new single on iTunes now.

alyson stoner woman giveaway
alyson stoner woman lyrics


The winner is: Jamie Talbert (check your email ASAP)

New winner: Brian Koch!

*If the winner doesn't reply back in less than 24 hours, a new winner will be picked.

By on February 19, 2016

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