Exclusive Interview: Levi Hummon Talks “Don’t Waste The Night”, Country Pop & Kelly Clarkson Dream Collaboration!

levi hummon dont waste the night

Exclusive Interview: Levi Hummon Talks “Don’t Waste The Night”, Country Pop & Kelly Clarkson Dream Collaboration!

Last year thanks to the release of his eponymous debut EP, rising country star Levi Hummon made it on Rolling Stone Country's 10 New Country Artists You Need to Know list. And that was a big deal. Now, a year after having a successful first EP, having toured everywhere, and having gotten the praise from multiple industry connoisseurs, the handsome Nashville singer is back with new music. Levi recently released a one-off single called “Don’t Waste The Night”, a song that sees him testing the waters of the country pop fusion, which seems to be a popular choice for up-and-coming young country artists these days. Take a look at Kelsea Ballerini for instance. She’s made country pop music work so well for her. Oh, and did I tell you Levi Hummon is being handled by Kelsea’s same management? This mean he totally has the tools and the human resource to make it as big as Kelsea, and that would be phenomenal for Levi’s career. But first things first: the music.

Don’t Waste The Night” is amazing. It’s feel-good, it’s romantic, it would be the best soundtrack to many dates this summer, and it’s too a country pop jam that would sound so well getting blasted through the speakers of my roofless car.

Check it out:

We at Direct Lyrics had very recently the opportunity to do an exclusive interview with Levi Hummon, and we asked him all about his latest single, what influenced and inspired it, what his dream collaboration is with, the country pop route, what songs is he currently playing a lot, among other things!


1. Hello Levi! Where are you answering this Q&A from and how has your day been like so far?

I'm answering this from Vancouver. Currently on vacation and have been out fishing in British Columbia for the past week. I'm actually gearing up now to head to Alaska and perform on the Amy Grant cruise.

2. You recently released a new single called "Don't Waste The Night". For those out there who have yet to check it out, how would you describe the song lyrics and sound wise?

I always try to tell a story in my songs, and also retain some sense of honesty. When I write lyrics it always comes from a real place of reflection. "Don't Waste The Night" had fairly rap quick verses but a really melodic chorus. I love blending fast cadence, story telling, and pop melodies.

3. Is it true that Ed Sheeran influenced this song on some level? We love him!

Yes. I love his new record. A lot of his music makes me want to pick up a guitar and write a song. I had that same exact reaction the first time I heard Jeff Buckley's record "Grace".

4. Is "Don't Waste The Night" the first song from an upcoming new EP or album of yours? What can you tell us about your next move?

We decided to release "Don't Waste The Night" because we had a ton of tour dates lined up this Spring and wanted to give fans something to listen back to. I quickly noticed fans singing it back to me and the song has really taken off on his own. It's just fun to watch. We are in the studio right now working on some fun stuff.

5. "Don't Waste The Night" has some pop elements to it, which makes me want to ask you. Country legend Taylor Swift started doing only country, then moved to country pop, and finally she's just doing pop these days. Do you imagine yourself going completely outside country one day? It certainly didn't turn out bad for Taylor. She knew how to adapt her abilities to pop.

I think Country music is such a large genre that there's a lot of room to explore and push the boundaries. I enjoy pop melodies but I love stories and I love honest lyrics. I was raised on Country music so it's in my blood, but I'm a huge fan of pop and rock as well. I wouldn't be upset if a song crossed over or blended into another format.

6. You've been touring on your own a lot this year but have also opened for some country stars. What memories do you have from your live shows so far this 2017? Had a particular memorable night you want to share with us?

I think Stage Coach this year was one of the most fun shows yet. We got to perform on the Mane Stage, and it was during the middle of the day so I was a little worried no one would show up. As soon as we took the stage people began pouring in and it was just all around amazing.

7. What tips has you father Marcus Hummon, a Grammy award-winning songwriter who has worked with Rascal Flatts, among others, given you about songwriting? Also, what's your approach when you're looking to create new songs?

My dad has always encouraged me to always have a unique voice and never conform. Throughout his musical life he's always written songs that were distinctively "Marcus" songs, and I hope to have that same ability to be truly myself.

8. What do you think are your Top 5 most listened songs on your Apple Music/Spotify right now?

"Feels Like Summer" - Weezer

"Ain't it Fun" - Paramore

"Somewhere On A Beach" - Dierks Bentley

"More Girls Like You" - Kip Moore

"Don't Waste The Night" - me (haha)

9. If you could record a collaboration with anybody right now, who would it be, why him/her, and how do you imagine you song to be like?

I would love to record a song with Kelly Clarkson. I just really love her duets, she's such a powerful vocalist.

10. Thank you for your time, Levi! Any last thing you would like to share with our readers at Direct Lyrics?

Just go check out "Don't Waste The Night", and be ready for a bunch more fun news coming soon.

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