Exclusive Interview: Country Newcomer April Kry Talks Valentine's Day-Perfect Single "Fireflies", Dreaming of Martina McBride Duet

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Exclusive Interview: Country Newcomer April Kry Talks Valentine's Day-Perfect Single "Fireflies", Dreaming of Martina McBride Duet

If you love country music and OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars” then you must get to know April Kry, an up-and-coming, super sweet singer-songwriter who recently moved to Nashville, in order to take a step forward in her music career, after releasing a couple EPs and scoring song placements on Oxygen and MTV shows.

April has known of her vocal skills since the age of 5. She went from singing in church to performing “God Bless America” before Jermaine Jackson at a gala event. April did backup vocals for Enya on TV and now, after discovering a passion for songwriting, she’s focused on making a solo career happen. She’s already done some work, but the sky is the limit.

The beautiful blonde songstress is currently working on a new EP and she just released a new single titled “Fireflies” via Metric Records (Spotify stream below). The song goes beyond the country music genre and that’s just a taste of what the April Kry prism can offer. “It will warm your heart with the summer-y melody and sweet lyrics that will transport you back in time to the days of your first love”, reads the official description of “Fireflies” and it is super accurate. It’s the perfect single release for Valentine’s Day (2 weeks to go!) and its “Counting Stars” vibe will make you absolutely adore it on the first listen. Be on the lookout for more April Kry new music in the near future. This is JUST the beginning. So much potential!

Directlyrics.com recently caught up with future star April Kry for an exclusive interview and we covered a lot of her “story”. Below she talks her beginnings, “Fireflies”, its upcoming music video, her favorite songs of the moment, her dream collaboration, among other things.


1. When did you know you wanted to pursue a career in music?

I was constantly surrounded by music growing up, so I guess it was just a natural progression! I did have somewhat of a defining moment when I performed "God Bless America" at a charity event where Jermaine Jackson was the key note speaker. I was around 13 and Jermaine came up to me afterwards and said that I should really pursue this as a career. It was a very cool moment for me that affirmed the passion for music I already had in my heart.

2. You used to do background vocals for new age singer Enya. What did you learn from that time?

I did! I sang backup for her on Live! With Regis and Kelly. It was such an incredible experience. Her music is so different and inspiring and i really admire that. She is definitely one of a kind and it takes A LOT of courage to stay true to yourself in this industry. I applaud her for that.

3. You’ve said you have a slight preference to write songs “about struggles or heartache that people go through” because it’s something we can all relate to. Would you say the best songs are written when you’re in a dark time?

I think whenever someone is going through a hard time in their life, they tend to re-evaluate everything and dig a little deeper into what really matters. That's why a lot of songwriters say the same thing...you write the best songs when you go through something trying in your life. I tend to agree with that, but I also think it's important to find the beauty in our brokenness and use that to write songs that are inspiring to others.

4. Who are a few of your musical influences? And say a little something you admire about each of them.

Martina McBride- For her incredibly passionate voice, tone, and range. John Mayer- For his lyrics that make you think, and his infectious melodies. Kacey Musgraves- For her songs that are so genuine and relatable.

5. You moved to Nashville, aka. “Music City”, some time ago. How are you finding your time there; both in the personal and music aspects?

Nashville has truly stolen my heart. Everyone here is so supportive and positive. I love hanging out downtown and being touristy (if you know me well, you know that I hate being in cities) but Nashville is more like a small town, in that its not overwhelming and everyone knows everyone! Music-wise it's great because you literally have THE BEST songwriters and musicians here at your fingertips. There's no place like it!

6. Is it correct to label April Kry as a “country singer” or are you open to all the genres?

I normally dislike labels, but the music business has to label you no matter what. I like to make music, and tell stories that make people happy, or think about real issues they're going through. I believe the country genre does that the best and that's why I love it so much!

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7. You have new single out called “Fireflies” and it’s giving me more than just “country” vibes. It’s very OneRepublic “Counting Stars” and that can only be a good thing. Tell us about the story of this new song of yours.

Fireflies brings a new element to country, in my opinion. You're not hearing many songs like this and I don't think it's a bad thing! I can definitely hear that One Republic vibe you're talking about, but it also has a true country story-telling aspect to it as well. JP Rende, the producer and co-writer did an amazing job of combining all of those ideas together.

8. “Fireflies” seems like the perfect single release for Valentine’s Day. Does April Kry have a Valentine? And how do you imagine the perfect scenario to listen to your new single? Cuddling with your boo on the couch, running carelessly across a field?

I was actually thinking the same thing! I do have a valentine, and I'm pretty lucky to have him:) My perfect listening scenario for "Fireflies" would be- driving really fast on an empty backroad with the windows down, sun kissing your face, and wind blowing in your hair!

9. Will you shoot a music video for the song? Either way, what would be your ideal treatment?

We're actually working on shooting the video within the next month or so. For me, "Fireflies" is a song that tells such a beautiful story so whatever we end up doing I think it should stay true to the lyrics. I'd love something that looks magical and almost like a fairy tale!

10. Is a full-length debut album something that April Kry fans will see in a near future?

Absolutely. I'm working on an EP right now, but I'd love to release a full length after that.

11. What are April Kry’s Top 5 songs of the moment?

1. Sam Hunt- Single For The Summer

2. Mickey Guyton- Better Than You Left Me

3. Kelsea Ballerini- Love Me Like You Mean It

4. Florida Georgia Line- Sippin' On Fire

5. Maddie & Tae- Fly

12. If you could record a collaboration with any artist out there right now; who would it be, why, and how do you imagine your original song to be/sound like?

I'd love to do a collaboration with Martina McBride. She's such a powerhouse and I think our voices would blend well together! I imagine our song being a passionate ballad since I think that's what we both do best!

13. Thank you for your time, April! Any last thing that you would like to tell our Directlyrics.com readers?

I'd love for y'all to take a listen to "Fireflies" and if you like it, please go request it on Sirius XM The Highway!! Thank you so much for having me.

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