Enrique Iglesias - 'Turn The Night Up' (Video)

Enrique Iglesias - 'Turn The Night Up' (Video)

Watch Enrique Iglesias get trippy in the music video for 'Turn The Night Up', the dance-pop lead single from the Spaniard's upcoming tenth studio album. 'Turn The Night Up' is produced by The Cataracs, and visual was directed by Justin Francis.

I still stand by what I said. 'Turn The Night Up' is Enrique's worst single of his career. I do want him to continue with the dance-pop music route, it's just that 'Turn The Night Up' is bad. It may manage to do well in clubs in the long run, but Enrique's single future on the Hot 100 chart is destined to be appalling. I know it. And by appalling I mean that Enrique won't be able to get 'Turn The Night Up' inside the Top 10 on Billboard's chart. Since that's he should be striving for considering the high peaks of his previous first singles; "I Like It" and "Tonight" (first single, of "Euphoria Reloaded").

As for the 'Turn The Night Up' music video, it's good. I won't deny it. It fits the song's vibe well. A 'trippy' Enrique Iglesias will meet a girl in an apartment party, and will then take her for a proper dance in a night club. Amid drinking by the bottle, club girls throwing up left and right, a d display of the new Nokia phone, Enrique will steal a kiss away from his newly-met girl. Ole, ole y ole! Enrique's such a playah.

What do you think of the video?

enrique iglesias gets into pool in music video
By on August 19, 2013

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