Enrique Iglesias Performs On French 'X Factor'

Enrique Iglesias Performs On French 'X Factor'

EPICNESS! Enrique Iglesias put on a fist-pumping worthy show last night (June 7th) on the French 'The X Factor' - The Madrid native took the stage to perform his new single "Dirty Dancer" and the raunchy "Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)" - Amazing! I watched Enrique's entire performance and I loved every second of it. Brilliant moment of the night: The "Dirty Dancer" intro with those big house beats = freakin' EPIC! I just re-watched his American Idol performance and I realized why I missed this epic moment...the audio was bad, lol.

In any case, after Enrique was done with "Dirty Dancer" - with Usher again supporting via the back screen visuals - the Spaniard shut it down with his international hit "Tonight". At this point, fans in the studio were already out of control, screaming, singing along and just melting away thinking of Enrique, lol. When he approached the audience, girls went mad. Regardez, s'il vous plait et profitez!

By on June 8, 2011

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