Enrique Iglesias - 'Heart Attack' (Music Video)

Enrique Iglesias - 'Heart Attack' (Music Video)

Oh no! Enrique Iglesias has suicidal thoughts in the music video for "Heart Attack", the third single from the Latin star's upcoming tenth studio album, due in stores in early 2014 via Universal Republic. Directed by Collin Tilley. Watch above.

The new single is a thousand miles better than "Turn The Night Up". I don't get tired of repeating it. "Heart Attack" is a thrilling pop number with piano-driven verses and dubstep breakdowns. As for the Collin Tilley-directed visual, it sees actress Camilla Belle playing the leading female role as Enrique's girlfriend. The video shows the Spain-born singer walking into a shameful bed scene of Camilla and her lover. A furious Enrique, who obviously doesn't like getting cheated on, hits the dude and throws him to the ground. A heart-broken Enrique then heads to a bridge, stands on the edge, and thinks suicide...will he do it, though?. Find out how it all ends above.

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enrique iglesias and  camilla belle
enrique iglesias suicidal
By on October 25, 2013

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