DirectLyrics Interviews Mø: On Debut LP 'No Mythologies to Follow', 'Slow Love' & Denmark

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DirectLyrics Interviews Mø: On Debut LP 'No Mythologies to Follow', 'Slow Love' & Denmark

After finding success in her home country of Denmark during 2012 and 2013, singer-songwriter is on a new task of conquering the U.S. She recently signed a deal with RCA Records and last March 11th her full-length debut album ‘No Mythologies to Follow’ was released. But RCA Records haven't only opened Mø the doors to the U.S, but also to new European countries other than Denmark, such as: France, the UK, or Germany. Mø is going global! She’s step by step carving a name in the international and U.S music scenes, and by the look of her sold-out shows, and millions of YouTube views, it seems like RCA made the right choice of adding Mø to their roster. There is a high probability that you only just discovered Mø from her cover of the Spice Girls’ “Say You’ll Be There” like I did, though. And if it was this way, you just HAVE to buy her album. It’s so marvellous from to start to finish. Mø is unique, and we all like uniqueness, right?

Mø’s sound is indie, it’s R&B, it’s electronic, and it’s dark. Her song-writing ability is quite formidable too even though English is not her native language. And what about her showmanship? Watching Mø perform live is a like religious experience. Once you've seen her one time, you'll want to see her more. If you don't believe me, just search for her concert performances on YouTube and watch her feel every beat like cray-cray.

I recently had the opportunity do an interview with Mø for Direct Lyrics, and we discussed pretty much everything. From her signing to RCA, what her musical influences are, her Spice Girls cover, if my favourite song ‘Slow Love' will ever be a single, or what her favourite places in Denmark are. Oh, and make sure to check out her very recently-premiered music video for 'Walk This Way'.


1. I discovered you from your cover of Spice Girls’ ‘Say You’ll Be There’. I had never heard that song sound like that before. You certainly did a great job! What made you do this cover in the first place?

Me and my producer Ronni Vindahl thought it could be funny to do a cover of a Spice Girls song, since they were my first obsession in music back in the days. They were the reason I started making music from an early age. And thank you - we wanted to do a dark MØ'ish version, and I pretty happy with the outcome too.

2. You are signed to Sony Entertainment Music/RCA. How exactly did the transition from independent artist in Denmark to up-and-coming global threat backed by a major label occurred?

It all went kinda fast. But I didn't feel like losing myself in the process, 'cause we chose to work with RCA because of the people there working with us. When you choose your label home (or choose to NOT choose), it shouldn't necessarily be because of the 'brand' of the label, but because of the people - they have to love you and your music, and has to see the artist you are. They have to be fucking family man, otherwise it won't work out. They have to fight for you, and as long as they do that - I don't care if I work with Indie or Major.

3. You released your debut album ‘No Mythologies to Follow’ last March, and it is a mix of old and new material. Was it is your decision that your debut international album featured previously-heard tracks such as; ‘Pilgrim’, ‘Maiden' or ‘Glass’? Why not including those as bonus tracks, leaving more room for all brand-new songs?

I wanted my debut to be a book with chapters from my last 1 and a half years - since MØ began - so I wanted it to contain all my favorite tracks from that period of time. Releasing an album like this has been my life long dream, so it was a very personal experience, and therefore I wouldn't leave tracks such as those you mention out, 'cause they symbolize the beginning of this wonderful adventure to me.

4. Curiously, the song that gave the album its name, ‘No Mythologies to Follow’, isn’t found on the standard edition, but it is only available to those buying the deluxe. What is the explanation behind this?

I love the song - and especially the lyrics - but I/we didn't feel it was as strong as the 12 album tracks, so we left it out. Sometimes I regret, sometimes I don't.

5. ‘No Mythologies to Follow’ is an album filled with electronic, indie-pop sounds, and you definitely feel comfortable riding those sound waves. What singers/bands have influenced Mø?

I guess all the music I have ever loved through my life is found somewhere in there, but if you wanna look at it more directly, some of the things that inspired me and Ronni in the moment was acts like: Santigold, The XX, Major Lazer ('Get Free' in particular) and probably other stuff too, but it's hard to say, 'cause we didn't really think about this while making the album.

6. You have writing credits on all the songs in your album. How important was for you that RCA would give you this much freedom on your first major release?

Very important to me! But again - we chose to work with them because the love me as an artist, so if they were to try to change me completely it would be super weird to me. And I wouldn't be able to be someone I'm not anyway.

7. Would you be open to singing songs that you haven’t written at all for your second album? If so, what are a few songwriters that you admire?

Well - it depends on many things. Actually I think it could be exciting to try at some point, 'cause as you mention - up until now, I've been writing all melodies and lyrics myself, so I guess I could learn something from working with other songwriters..At least for the experience!

8. What is the song creation process like for Mø? Do you work in the lyrics first? Or, do you work on them around an already-thought melody?

It changes. Sometimes the lyrics come first, and sometimes it's the melodies… Sometimes it is a guitar theme. Totally depends on the situation and the inspiration.

mo No Mythologies To Follow album cover

9. One my favourite songs on ‘No Mythologies to Follow’ is ‘Slow Love’ (I'm actually listening to it right now as I write down these questions for you). What inspired this song? And what are the chances it becomes an official single?

(Laughs) Cool! 'Slow Love' is one of my favorites too! I personally hope it will be a single at some point, but let's see! It's kinda funny, 'cause I made the 'Slow Love Night Version' (the demo) while I was alone in a cabin on a mountain in Norway, and Ronni meanwhile started working on the productions on the other side of the planet, in a dripping hot apartment in LA wearing nothing but his underpants (I was told!)! The inspiration came from desire.

10. If ‘Slow Love’ does become a single, how do you imagine the video treatment to be?

Sexy DIY style. Light trash filters and melancholy mixed with something raw and untamed.

11. In March and April 2014 you toured in Europe, and from May 20th – June 4th you had live dates with your fans in the US. How do crowds differ in both continents?

In America people go crazy! They also go crazy in Europe, but in another way. They are a bit more cool - which is awesome too, but we were all amazed by the energy and love we received on the fully sold out US tour! That was a dream coming true right there!

12. We have watched live performances of you on YouTube. We like that you really GET INTO your songs. You feel every lyric and make you body move to every beat. Do you have any special rituals before going on stage?

Well - me and my band always group hug before entering the stage. The most important thing for me when I play live, is to let go. You want your audience to see the human, the feelings and the thoughts behind the songs, and you want them to fly away like your self. You want them to unite with you and say "Fuck everything - let's go! Not caring about tomorrow, how you look, what others think, but just let go and get it out.

13. ‘Pilgrim’ and ‘Waste of Time' are by far your most successful songs on YouTube. Both videos boast over 2 million views. Why do think fans have ‘connected’ with these two songs so strongly?

It's hard to tell, but I hope it's because people relate to them and feel understood at some point.

14. What are Mø’s Top 5 songs of the moment?

Hmmmmm.. I haven't listened that much to new music these past months, but 5 songs I love at the moment is "Lessons" by SOHN, "Let's Go Surfing" by The Drums, "Castles In The Snow" by Twin Shadow, "Talk About It" by Erik Hassle and "Busy Earning" by Jungle

15. What’s a concert you wanted to go to when you were a young teen but that you couldn't attend? … And what was the reason?

Like, when I was young YOUNG? When I was 8 or 9 I really wanted to go to the Spice Girls concert, but the tickets were sold out in 10 minutes, so I didn't mange to get any + I don't think my parents could afford it. They thought it was too expensive, and we would have to go all the way to Copenhagen. Anyway - I was destroyed by tears that I couldn't go.

16. What is your favourite place to simply get lost in Denmark?

Lost in a poetic way or drunk way? Let me answer both - in a poetic way it would be by the sea on the east coast of Fyn (The island where I was born), and in the drunk way it would be on a trashy bar on Nørrebro in Copenhagen with my best buddies.

17. Thank you so much for your time, Mø! Best of luck with everything! Any last thing you would like to share with our readers at Direct Lyrics?

Thank you so much! Yes - don't strive to be perfect, you'll only get uptight and boring! Embrace your flaws - those are what make you beautiful!

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