DirectLyrics Interviews Alyson Stoner: Talks New Single “Woman”, Upcoming EP / Movie & Feeling Proud Of Demi Lovato!

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DirectLyrics Interviews Alyson Stoner: Talks New Single “Woman”, Upcoming EP / Movie & Feeling Proud Of Demi Lovato!

Only a couple of weeks ago we were giving YOU, fans of Alyson Stoner, a nice little gift, and today our obsession for her still continues! A few days ago we had the opportunity to do an exclusive interview with Ms. Triple-Threat, singer/dancer/actress Alyson Stoner, to talk about her new single “Woman”, which is all about female empowerment (International Women's Day was yesterday! Happy belated day to all of you, female readers of DirectLyrics!) - and we also took this time to ask her about her upcoming projects - which I’m sure Alyson fans are dying to know about - among other trivial things that will make you get know Alyson a bit better.

By the way, haven’t you watched her “Woman” music video yet? Are you mad!? Just peep the GIF below and believe me when I tell you you will be RUNNING to YouTube to check it out! (she looks so fierce in it!).

Remember Alyson’s new single “Woman” is available NOW on iTunes, Spotify and all other major digital platforms. OH! And will this song be part of FINALLY a new EP from Alyson's? You will have to read the interview below to find out… :D. And for those of you, fans of Alyson, the actress, she also revealed to us her most near-future project (and it’s going to be big one for her, I know so)!


1. Hi Alyson! Where are you answering this Q&A from and how’s your day been like so far?

Hi, Kevin. I'm answering from my dining room in Los Angeles. My day has been long and divided between choreographing a dance piece, studying Jazz vocal scales, doing pre-production for next music video, reading about mysticism, and now attempting to clear out my 12,000 e-mails.

2. Are you feeling blessed for the way your career has unfolded to this very date?

Absolutely! I am only where I am because of a thousand people who were willing to open doors, invest, teach, inspire. I am who I am because of a million people who were generous and loving, harsh and critical, all of it. I'm grateful and humbled for all the experiences so far and the picture being painted.

3. A few days ago you released a brand new single called “Woman”. Tell us a bit about the background and story of this song.

"Woman" is far more than a feminist anthem, though that has plenty of value. It is a story of facing myself in the mirror, embracing the many sides of me including my shortcomings, and deciding to move forward boldly and be all I am. It's a powerful statement of not waiting for the world to give you an opportunity or an open door, but discovering your role in participating in your own dream and future.

4. Your last single “Pretty Girls” had an urban sound, whereas “Woman” has more a big band, and even Latin music feeling. This shows that Alyson? ?Stoner is an eclectic artist. Would you feel not in your zone if you’d be told? ?to limit to one genre only?

I've long created and tailored my music and art for specific projects. "Woman" is the first song that is authentic to my soul and heartbeat inside and out. I have many sides and many colors, so yes, you can expect a variety. But, right now we have arrived at a fun place sonically that is rhythmic and global, and I have lots of stories to share in this lane before moving onto the next.

5. The music video for “Woman” sees you exuding sensuality in a red dress, and performing several choreographies. What was the best part of shooting? ?this video and do you have any fun anecdote to tell?

The best part of shooting a one-woman music video is applying yourself holistically to a huge goal, rising to the occasion, and actually seeing it to fruition! By the time we got to the footwork section, we had 10 minutes left to film before wrapping, so I only had two takes to nail it. Talk about pressure, but also a fun challenge of giving everything I had when I was incredibly tired and ready to quit. I was sore for a week after, but so proud of myself for achieving something new.

6. A year ago you released a video tribute to Missy Elliott. How did you come up with the idea, why releasing it at that time, and what was your reaction? ?to the video gaining so much popularity to nowadays have a view count of? ?over 15 million?

The tribute is precisely that: a tribute to Missy. She performed on the Super Bowl, which caused many reporters to inquire what I was up to 12 years later after the video. So, I threw together a crew, found a location, and within a week, created, edited, and released the tribute for the world. It was a surprise that it went viral. To this day I'm not sure I could recreate anything like that ever again.

alyson stoner directlyrics interview

7. Is “Woman” part of a bigger project you are working on? EP or album?

Yes. I have several songs I'm releasing along with videos, and yes, an EP this year. Finally.

8. Will we be seeing you in new roles on TV or in films soon?

Yes. I'm the lead opposite Jordan Ray Fox in the new action/adventure romantic dark comedy, Mr. Invincible, set to release this August.

9. What’s Alyson Stoner’s Top 5 songs of the moment?

Unstoppable - Lianne La Havas

Street Light - Jordan Rakei

Bad Blood - NAO

Gold - Kiiara

All My Friends feat. Tinashe and Chance the Rapper - Snakeships

10. Demi Lovato, with whom you worked in “Camp Rock”, released a new album called “Confident” not long ago. Her new single, the title track, is all? ?about female empowerment too. Are you a fan of Demi’s music? Still hav?e ?contact with her?

Of course. I'm so proud of her and her journey. I hope to sit down and catch up; I'm sure we have three galaxies worth of stories to share by now.

11. Who would you love to record a collaboration with one day? And how do you imagine your song to be about and sound like?

I'd love to collaborate with Kendrick Lamar. He's a genius, wow. With him? I have no idea what to expect. But it'll be bold. Smart. One-of-a-kind.

12. Thank you for your time, Alyson! Any last thing that you’d like to share with our readers at

Thanks for reading. Sending you lots of love. Have a good one!

By on March 9, 2016
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