Dev - Naked (Music Video!)

Dev - Naked (Music Video!)

Electro-pop singer Dev finally premieres the music video for her upcoming smash (*prays*) "Naked", featuring Enrique Iglesias - The sensual/infectious The Cataracs-produced party-ready cut is a brand new track included the US edition of Dev's debut album "The Night the Sun Came Up" released in the North American country on March 26th via Universal Republic. Dev knows she needs a new hit ASAP, so she's finally releasing something more in the line of her only hit to date "In the Dark". "Naked" is pure perfection, and I've been loving it ever since the day it leaked. There's something about it! It's just so addictive! From the soft, yet sexy singing, the lyrics, the melody, the changes from verses to chorus with that crazy hot beat, to the killer breakdowns....certainly this song "Naked" needs to SMASH!

The song's been slowly building up on radios, but it was quite clear a music video was much-needed to give the single the ultimate 'push'. And hopefully his BBGun-directed visual helps. It's not what I was expecting though. I was looking for something 'racier', sexier, more club scenes, I don't know, I don't think the song was fully 'exploited' here. Dev should've done a choreo for the big breakdown! Grrr. Plus, there's no nakedness! And that's Enrique's 'selling' point! lol. Anyhow, the official 'Naked' MV shows Dev and Enrique, acting as two complete strangers (?), travelling to Las Vegas. At night, they get ready at their individual Sin City hotel rooms for an intense club night, and athough their paths do not not cross at the bar/dancefloor, you know we'll always have the hotel's elevator! Such a weird video...but whatever. Buy the song!

What do YOU think of the music video/song?

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By on March 29, 2012

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