David Guetta - Titanium (Music Video!)

David Guetta - Titanium (Music Video!)

David Guetta unveiled the music video for 'Titanium' on VEVO this Wedneday (December 21st) - The Sia-assisted song is the newest European single from the French DJ's 'Nothing but the Beat' album - 'Titanium' had already achieved great chart positions worldwide when it got released as an 'iTunes countdown' track, and now that it's been given the official single treatment, no doubt it'll return to many Top 10s in no time. 'Titanium' is HUGE. Love the song, but I just can't understand how 'they' could've given it such a 'lazy' music video?...Not cheap, lazy. Neither Guetta or Sia appear in it, instead the MV director has come up with a parallel story, revolving around this kid with 'explosive' super powers. There may be a connection with the lyrics, but it would've been more interesting if it was Sia playing the role. Why she didn't want to appear in the vid? I'm sure this song has opened her many doors!

What do YOU think of the music video/song?

By on December 21, 2011

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