Charli XCX's "Boys" Music Video Features Cameos From Many Dreamy Male Specimens: Watch Here!

charli xcx boys video

Charli XCX's "Boys" Music Video Features Cameos From Many Dreamy Male Specimens: Watch Here!

Just like she promised, Charli XCX premiered the official “Boys” music video at 8pm UK time today, July 26th, on YouTube. “Boys” is the latest single from Charli XCX’s forthcoming third studio album - whose release, by the way, is running a little late. Where is it? The lead single “After the Afterparty” was released last October. Isn’t time to drop the album already then?

The “Boys” music video features a huge ensemble cast of male celebrities. On the one hand, we have the “dreamy” boys: Charlie Puth, Cameron Dallas, Joe Jonas, Brendon Urie, Jack Antonoff, Connor Franta, or Tom Daly, and on the other, the "not so dreamy";, Khalid, Aminé, G-Eazy, or Wiz Khalifa, who despite being super talented, nobody denies that, they’re just not the ideal image of male lustful beauty.

How in heaven’s name did Charli XCX manage to gather so much male celebrity power in one place? Did she promise to write songs in exchange for all them or what? Because I doubt they’re all close friends of hers, right? Either way, bravo to Charli XCX. This “mobilization” demonstrates her power in the industry.

Here’s a closer look at the “dreamies”:

charlie puth charli xcx boys video
cameron dallas charli xcx boys video
brendon urie charli xcx boys video
joe jonas charli xcx boys video
jack antonoff charli xcx boys video
tom daley charli xcx boys video
connor franta charli xcx boys video

Boys” is such catchy little anthem for people who just love the finest male specimens. And who are those (that is, the people that will enjoy this new Charli XCX song the most)? Well, it’s not very hard to come up with the answer: straight girls, and gay guys.

Would you have included anybody else in the “dreamies” list?


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