Carrie Underwood & Coldplay Rock 'Idol'

Carrie Underwood & Coldplay Rock 'Idol'

Country goddess Carrie Underwood and Brit alternative rock band Coldplay were the guest performers on Thursday's results show of American Idol (May 3rd) - Our beloved flaw-free singer Carrie was up first, and hit the 'Idol' stage to deliver the first televised performance of her new single (and no, it wasn't 'Good Girl', which is now an 'admitted' semi-flop), the fierce and bold mid-tempo "Blown Away", the title track of Carrie's just-released fourth LP. Great single choice! This song is simply amazing (from the production, to the vocals and lyrics), and Carrie's 'Idol' performance certainly blew me away. She looked stunning in that white dress, her hair was looking good, and the wind machine usage in the second part was ON POINT.

Later on Thursday night, the Chris Martin-led band, Coldplay, got up on the 'American Idol' stage to rock a double performance! First playing 'Every Tear Is A Waterfall', and then 'Paradise'. Both solid performances, but I particularly loved the 'Waterfall' one the most. The intro is just SO EPIC.

What do YOU think of the performances?

By on May 4, 2012

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