Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" Hits Number 1 On Hot 100, Nicki Minaj Speaks Up!

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Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" Hits Number 1 On Hot 100, Nicki Minaj Speaks Up!

It was made official yesterday. Cardi B’s 2017 summer single “Bodak Yellow” had risen to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, therefore giving the New Yorker the record breaking title of being the first female rapper to go number one (with a song without any guest appearances) on the most important American singles chart since Lauryn Hill with “Doo Wop” in 1998.

Watch Cardi B’s reaction to the news from Atlantic Records’ NYC headquarters:

Huge congratulations from us to Cardi B! We’ve been jamming to “Bodak Yellow” all summer long and we just knew the song was meant for great things. Going number one on the Billboard Hot 100 is a very difficult task, and perhaps Cardi B may have regarded as mission impossible when she first released “Bodak Yellow”, but as the song gained love from the radio, and digital sales were exploding, that mission impossible started to become more and more possible. It got the point where Cardi B saw that dream of number one almost within grasp. So she didn’t waste anytime and kept of promoting, and promoting. Perhaps it wasn’t the most mainstream promotion but it worked. And fans and radios kept showing support for “Bodak Yellow”. And yesterday, 3 months after the single’s official release, Cardi B hit number one. She must be in complete awe. We started saying going number one on the Billboard Hot 100 was a difficult task, but if you’re a female rapper, then that task is ten times more difficult. The last female rapper to have done so was Lauryn Hill, back in 1998. We repeat 1998 (with a completely solo single). Not even Nicki Minaj had been able to do it. And she was close with “Anaconda”. And talking Nicki, instead of getting bitter for a “newcomer” such as Cardi B to have gone number one on the Billboard Hot 100 before her, she actually was the bigger man and congratulated Cardi B on her feat:

No doubt this “Bodak Yellow” number one news will act as gasoline to Nicki’s fire to keep on working hard on getting that solo single that will get her to join too the hall of fame of female rappers to have gone number one on the Billboard Hot 100 on their own. Soon it will be your time, Nicki. Do not worry. Just be patient.

By on September 26, 2017

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