Britney Spears - Criminal (Music Video!)

Britney Spears - Criminal (Music Video!)

WOW! Britney Spears is on a streak of brilliant music videos this era! Leaving aside the overhyped, hot mess video of "Hold It Against Me", all the follow-ups have been top notch! The apocalypsis-themed "Till The World Ends" and the paparazzi-mocking vid of "I Wanna Go"...both awesome visuals. Now for the official fourth single from "Femme Fatale", the Max Martin & Shellback co-produced midtempo "Criminal", Britney has decided to raise the bar of great music videos even more! Filmed in London (by request of Britney), the Chris Marrs Piliero-directed video is a fantastic histrionic, sexy and cinematic effort. You'll want to watch it in its entirety without a doubt! Hit 'play' now!

Britney gets into this character of a high-society woman, who has this obnoxious, sexist boyfriend. They're at this fancy party, they fight, Britney cries in the toilet, sprays some of her "Radiance" perfume on, puts her sh*t together, returns with the BF, catches him hitting on another girl, he takes Brit Brit outside, they fight again, he SLAPS her bad, but then suddenly, her 'Criminal' lover, played by Brit's real beau Jason Trawick, comes to her rescue and takes down the jerk-off boyfriend. Then the new couple begin their 'underworld' (and super passionate with some very STEAMY scenes) love story. Britney looks flawless!

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By on October 18, 2011

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