Beyonce Performs 'Countdown' on 'Jimmy Fallon', Kelly Rowland Gets 'Down' For 'Graham Norton'

Beyonce Performs 'Countdown' on 'Jimmy Fallon', Kelly Rowland Gets 'Down' For 'Graham Norton'

Mother-to-be Beyonce looked not very pregnant (??) during her performance last night on 'Jimmy Fallon' - The R&B diva took the stage at the NBC show on Friday (November 11th) to promote her latest single, the funky "Countdown" - King B looked very pretty in that cocktail black dress, and sounded flawless as usual. As of this posting, "Countdown" is at #84 on iTunes USA. Doing not so great...and me really doesn't see the song peaking that high on the charts. On the contrary, "Party", THAT I see slaying. I just love "Party". Sad Beyonce is not promoting this though!

All the way in the UK, Kelly Rowland was spotted performing her new international single "Down For Whatever" on BBC 1's 'The Graham Norton Show'. She killed it! Although a song as sexy as this required Kelly not to wear that amount of clothes! lol. Show us some skin next time Kel! Anyhow, in sad news for Ms Rowland, I just don't see the RedOne-produced "Down For Whatever" doing damage on the UK charts. The song is not that good. If she scores an 'X Factor UK' performance, things might change though...

What do YOU think of these performances?

By on November 12, 2011

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