Avril Lavigne - "Let Me Go" (Music Video)

Avril Lavigne - "Let Me Go" (Music Video)

Avril Lavigne's new single "Let Me Go" is finally out on iTunes, and so is the music video! The Canadian pop/rock singer gave "Good Morning America" the world exclusive premiere of the video for her new single (off her upcoming fifth self-titled album, in stores November 5), featuring her husband, Nickelback's Chad Kroeger today, October 15th, before releasing it through VEVO. Watch the clip above!

Avril's ballads are always and "Let Me Go" is no exception. The melody, the build, the chorus, everything fits amazingly and make "Let Me Go" a solid song. Is it "official single" worthy, though?. I think Avril's got better ballad singles in the past - more commercial and radio-friendly- but "Let Me Go" is nice, plus it features Chad Kroeger, and that's got to increase the listening audience, right?.

As for the "Let Me Go" music video, it has kind of a spooky theme. An old man plays the guitar in front of a mirror and transforms into Chad Kroeger (was that an older him?), as a nostaligic Avril plays the piano while belting out the ballad's lyrics.

What do you think of the video?

avril lavigne and chad kroeger in music video by piano
By on October 15, 2013

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