Ashlee Simpson - 'Bat For A Heart' (Video)

Ashlee Simpson - 'Bat For A Heart' (Video)

So late, but....yey! Ashlee Simpson premieres at last the music video for "Bat For A Heart", the 28-year-old singer's latest buzz track which apparently serves as a small taste from what's to come on Ashlee's upcoming fourth studio album, which by the sound of this will be very indie, and abstract!

I kind of liked "Bat For A Heart" when it got released 'cause it was the first new Ashlee Simpson song in years, but I'm kind of afraid now of what this 'independent' route can do to her career. Ashlee served pop jams, and flawless albums back in the day, but after becoming a mother, and getting dropped from her record album, I guess she feels she can do whatever she wants now, but I'm actually thinking now this 'indie' thing can be more harmful than beneficial to her. "Bat For A Heart" will make old fans disconnect from her, and not anticipate her new music like before. So yeah "Bat For A Heart" was good for the laughs, now Ashlee, please, get a new major label deal ASAP and bring back those pop-rocky tunes we loved from the old you again! I mean, you gotta pay up your bills and I don't think you can live from the royalties of two successful albums. ("Bittersweet World" doesn't count of course).

As for the "Bat For A Heart" video, well, we saw a short preview a few weeks ago, and the full thing is just an extension of it. A black-and-white affair where Ashlee acts like a complete crazed person.

What do you think of the video?

Ashlee Simpson - 'Bat For A Heart' (Video)
By on January 18, 2013

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