Ariana Grande “Broken” After Concert Terrorist Attack Kills 22 Fans In Manchester, Music Reacts

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Ariana Grande “Broken” After Concert Terrorist Attack Kills 22 Fans In Manchester, Music Reacts

So shocking and sad.

A terrorist attack took place last night (May 22) at Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman World Tour” concert in Manchester, England. As of this post, 22 fans of the American singer, including children, have been reported as confirmed fatalities.

Story summary per The Guardian:

  • Police have confirmed that 22 people have been killed – including some children – and 59 injured after an explosion at Manchester Arena at the end of a concert by Ariana Grande.
  • Greater Manchester police say the perpetrator was a man acting alone, who died at the scene after detonating an improvised explosive device.
  • Investigators are trying to establish whether the bomber was part of a wider network.
  • The blast took place outside the arena, in the public foyer, shortly after 10.30pm (BST), minutes after the concert ended.

Footage of the moment the “loud blast” was heard has just surfaced:

The attacker waited till the concert was finished and people started to leave the venue to make his attack. New reports indicate he had the explosive device hidden in a rucksack he was wearing.


Ariana Grande is SAFE but reportedly “broken” and “in hysterics”.

She posted the following tweet a few hours after learning of the terrorist attack:

According to reports, the “Dangerous Woman World Tour” is currently SUSPENDED. A source says attempts will be made to resume the tour at some point and cancelled dates will allegedly be rescheduled once Ariana Grande is emotionally ready. But nothing is CONFIRMED as of now. Wait until Ariana and her team makes an official statement regarding the tour.

If I were her, I just wouldn’t be ready to resume touring for a long while. This is just devastating. And that “so so sorry” in her tweet clearly indicates she in some way feels responsible for this massacre, and that is just too much of a weight for anybody.

Praying for all the victims and families affected by this coward terrorist attack.

ariana grande manchester attack


Several names of the music industry have taken to Twitter to express their condolences to the Manchester attack victims.



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