Alexis Jordan Hits Up 'Alan Titchmarsh'

Alexis Jordan Hits Up 'Alan Titchmarsh'

The one and only Alexis Jordan has kicked-off the promotional television duties in support of her new single "Hush Hush" in the UK, where the StarGate & Sandy Vee-produced track will be *officially* released on June 12th - A difficult week the Roc Nation artist has selected to put out her new single. She will compete head to head with Rihanna's "CKB" and Calvin Harris' "Bounce" to get the #1 position.

Alexis Jordan performed "Hush Hush" this week on ITV 1's 'The Alan Titchmarsh Show'. Peep Alex's performance in the video above. HOT! What were those 'ha, hum, ah' in the first seconds though? Alexis wasn't singing anything.... (?). Back track glitch? Anyhow, Ms Jordan did sing live "Hush Hush" and delivered a really nice presentation. That skirt must be burned NOW It's taaacky..

By on May 10, 2011

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