A Great Big World (feat. Christina Aguilera) - "Say Something" (Music Video)

christina aguilera cries in say something video

A Great Big World (feat. Christina Aguilera) - "Say Something" (Music Video)

Aww, so nice! Christina Aguilera pours her heart out in the music video for "Say Something", A Great Big World's first single from their upcoming debut album "Is There Anybody Out There?" (January 2014) which they have transformed from its original solo version to a duet with the "Genie In A Bottle" pop star. Watch above!

Such a beautiful piano ballad. It's so tranquil, and although the lyrics are kind of sad, it gives me hope. As for the "Say Something" video, exclusively premiered via ETOnline.com on Tuesday (Nov.19), I like the simplicity of it. It fits the vibe of the song. I could feel Christina's emotion in each of her lyrics. She was so on the verge of crying at some points. Also, I kind of feel bad for A Great Big World member Chad Vaccarino. He has no participation in the song and the video of what could be the band's biggest hit.

What do you think of the video?

By on November 20, 2013

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