3OH!3 - Touchin' On My (Music Video!)

3OH!3 - Touchin' On My (Music Video!)

Electro-hop duo 3OH!3 have recently premiered the music video for "Touchin' On My", the official third single taken from their latest studio LP "Streets of Gold" (Photo Finish Records/Atlantic) - The Matt Squire-produced song was released as a digital download in May 2010 (before the album hit stores) in the US making it peak at #49 on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart back then. "Touchin' On My", is now getting official single-treatment, and will go for US radio adds in the coming weeks.

Possibly the strongest track on "Streets of Gold" only behind "My First Kiss" (feat. Ke$ha). 3OH!3's previous single "Double Vision" was a complete disaster and flopped H.A.M-style, so this new release right here could be the very last from that CD if it flops that hard too. Let's think positive though, the song is fun and as I've said the strongest only behind the Ke$ha collaboration. As for the Isaac Ravishankara-directed music video, it's pure craziness. A deathly car accident, lots of nudity, interrupting a couple's kiss in a beach, stealing a magician's money, sabotaging a studio recording session, and breaking into a porn movie's filming are some of the crazy scenes you'll see in this music video.

By on January 21, 2011

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